A shining example of modern independent songwriting, Robbie Hutton has carved his unique sound from a mixture of soulful pop and ballad-driven rock. Reaching back into his own experiences to create modern tales of heartbreak, catharsis and loss, the Stirling man possesses a classic grasp of storytelling so often neglected today. With a diverse catalogue and an impressive vocal range, the 26-year-old has the capacity to reach a huge range of audiences, with each song bringing something different to the table.

With festivals like Party At The Palace and Gig In The Goil, slots at the legendary King Tuts and with original inspiration Kyle Falconer from The View and a relentless gigging schedule as a headline artist, Hutton is constantly refining his craft and striving to be the best he can be. One listen to any of his current batch of songs will tell you that the sky’s really the limit for what that means.

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